Whale Songs

The Whale Songs pages began in the spring of 1995 when Saucon Valley School District (PA) Bioethics teacher Lance Leonhardt had the opportunity to visit the island of Dominica and join the crew of the "Song of the Whale." In preparation for this visit, Lance had his class research Dominica. The students explored the climate, biologic diversity of the island, the people and their history, and the marine mammals which frequented her waters. This research produced the Dominica Project Sourcebook, an overview of student research, writings, and artwork about the island.

Assisting in the crew's research, Lance returned after an enlightening trip, discussing with Dr. Jonathan Gordon of Oxford University, director of the Song of the Whale Project at IFAW, the possibility of linking classrooms with researchers at sea.

Oasis Telecommunications, realizing the value of this project, offered initial support to publish the site and recruited sister company, Black Box who designed and produced the site.

Whale Songs is an evolving project. It is our intention to provide a common ground for whale lovers and researchers alike.

Whale Songs was selected as a valuable Internet resource for Discovery Channel School's H2Oceans theme for spring 1997.